Shakespeare’s Narrative Sources: Italian Novellas and Their European Dissemination


Witness Description

1525 edition: This diplomatic edition is based on the 1525 edition (STC 841500) which was printed in Venezia by Sebastiano Corrado at the Officina Gregoriana, which is accessible at the British Library (General Reference Collection 1074.e.7.) and the Bodleian Library (Douce MM 310). This octavo edition presents a prefatory address by Sebastiano Corrado, dedicated to Giovanni Battista Boiardo, followed by Masuccio’s dedication to Ippolita Maria Sforza (the wife of the Duke of Calabria, who later reigned as King Alfonso II of Naples). The leaves are numbered, only on the recto, from Masuccio’s dedication, with both Arabic numerals and signature marks. The notation starts from number 2 and signature Aii. Arabic numerals appear on all recto leaves, while signatures appear only on the first four recto leaves of each quire (A to Yii). The last leave has at the centre an illustration and is covered in handwritten notes.

The first line of Novella XXXIII of “Mariotto e Ganozza” is on page 115|Piii and the novella terminates on page <118v|Pviv>.