Shakespeare’s Narrative Sources: Italian Novellas and Their European Dissemination


The SENS archive offers an easily navigable and searchable database allowing for textual comparison of multilingual works based on advanced segmentation and intermodal criteria of analysis. It favours a new understanding of the notion of ‘source’ with regard to Shakespeare within the broad field of source and reception studies in the early modern period.


SENS wishes:

  • to enable users to achieve a better understanding of the Italian narrative sources of Shakespeare’s works and make them easily and freely accessible to researchers worldwide;
  • to provide user-friendly open-access research instruments for school and university students as well as for Shakespeare and theatre and drama scholars;
  • to offer textual and visual material to favour a broad interpretation of intertextual and interdiscursive transmission;
  • to develop and test new theoretical approaches to textual comparison, including textual segmentation and intermodal analysis through digital resources;
  • to offer a digital tool that may be implemented over time.